Affordable mammograms in 2021…

Just because you’re uninsured doesn’t mean you can’t afford state-of-the-art breast screening. For patients without insurance, our screening mammograms are just $30.


  • The highest quality, affordable women’s imaging 
  • Flexible scheduling and same day appointments when available
  • Radiologists with added subspecialty training in women’s imaging
  • Reports to your doctor within 24 hours of your test

Schedule Your Mammogram Today

Take your mammogram to the next level with Radiology and Imaging Specialists at Lakeland Regional Health. We offer 3D Mammography at several of our breast imaging centers. We have locations on Pablo Street and Lakeland Hills Boulevard in Lakeland, Florida. Please call us today at (863) 688-2334 to learn more or schedule your 3D mammogram.

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