About Us

History and Mission

To better serve the needs of physicians and patients in Central Florida, a joint venture between Radiology & Imaging Specialists (RIS) and Lakeland Regional Health (LRH) was formed in 2017. Today, our strong community practice delivers the highest levels of quality and care.

Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate service utilizing leading-edge technology. As an independent (non-corporate) practice, we are accountable to the communities, patients and doctors we serve. 

Our radiologists are board-certified, and our technologists are state licensed and nationally certified.


“The ability or disposition to laugh; humorous awareness of the ridiculous and absurd, laughter” (related to la risa, or the Spanish word for smile).

Mission Statement

To be an independent radiology practice providing our community with high-quality, compassionate service utilizing leading-edge technology.


To be recognized as the most respected and trusted physician-owned radiology practice in the communities we serve.



  • We are dedicated in our pursuit to provide the highest quality care and service available.


  • Excellence is at the core of every aspect of our practice.


  • Your trust in us is everything.


  • Working together as one team there is no limit to what we will achieve.


  • We are empathetic to the healthcare needs of the people we serve.

Community Focus

  • We support and contribute to the betterment of the Lakeland, Florida communities we live in and serve.


  • We believe that being physician-owned allows us to make the right decisions to achieve our mission and stay true to our values.

All of the Radiology and Imaging Specialists at Lakeland Regional Health technologists are state-licensed and nationally certified and some are certified in other areas.

To learn more about Radiology and Imaging Specialists at Lakeland Regional Health (RIS at LRH) please call (863) 688-2334. RIS at LRH proudly serves Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas in Central Florida and Polk County.

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